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Middle East & North Africa

A variety of complex projects, both on & offshore, including ordnance clearance (UXO), geotechnical, geohazard surveys, rig positioning & heliportable seismic surveys plus numerous marine 3D & 2D seismic surveys.


East & Southern Africa

Many years spent in the fragile coral waters, supplying project management & QC consultants for TZ/OBC surveys. Assisting with Land surveys, conducting technical audits, project management & acquisition QC work.


West Africa

Extensive work offshore with both proprietary & multi-client 3D & 2D surveys, providing project management, QC & environmental mitigation services as well as conducting technical and HSE audits.



From intricate urban seismic to complex 4D Life of Field reservoir monitoring projects. Management & QC of various land projects, large regional Multi-Client offshore surveys & proprietary marine 3D and 2D seismic surveys.



Experience from 3D surveys offshore Russia to land projects in Uzbekistan. Understanding the nuances of local issues, whether political, environmental or technical, is key to the success of any project.


Latin America

Exploration runs the gambit from mountain terrain, to jungles and rivers, to offshore Brazil. VPS’ consultants are highly experienced at handling complex surveys in these challenging environments.


North & Central America

Project management & acquisition QC of numerous seismic surveys across the various terrains including: deep offshore nodal surveys, complex land surveys & 3D seismic surveys in the GoM including supplying MMO/PAM operators.


Asia Pacific

Project management, QC & HSE aspects of Marine 2D & 3D surveys, supply of Marine Mammal Operators (MMO), Ocean Bottom Seismic (OBS) & site-surveys, plus soil sampling & pipeline surveys.

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Middle East & North Africa

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