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QHSSE Policy

Vision Project Services (VPS) are committed to avoiding injury to, and the preservation of the Health, Safety & Security of its employees, consultants, contractors and any other persons who may at any time be affected by conducting geophysical operations, in a manner that provides optimum protection by demonstrating HSSE leadership and adopting strict Health, Safety, Security & Environmental Systems Management consideration, while in the pursuit of business excellence. 
Our QHSSE policy addresses respect for the Health, Safety & Security of the individuals and respect for the Environment, whilst in the pursuit and execution of Safe and Efficient operations.

The QHSSE policy applies to all employees, consultants, contractors, and associates of VPS.

QHSSE is Line management responsibility. Line managers, consultants and associates working on behalf of VPS are responsible for the implementation of proactive involvement in HSE practices and policies of contractors and associates and will be appraised on their performance.

All employees, consultants, contractors and associates of the company shall follow the HSEMS based on the company and industry standard model supported by the International Association of Oil &  Gas Producers (OGP) and embraces the VPS principles of Total Quality Management as found in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 international standards.

VPS Directors carry the ultimate responsibility for the company’s commitment to Health, Safety, Security and the Environment. Each and every associate whether directly or indirectly working on our behalf is expected to be a dedicated and responsible individual for maintaining high standards of HSE performance in accordance with international regulations of the Industry.

VPS has not suffered a Time Loss Incident of any sort during the past five years. Prior to this time, none of the company’s Associate or Freelance Consultants had suffered a Time Loss Incident.

VPS and their Associate Consultants will seek to set a clear leadership example in promoting safe working practices and safety awareness.

VPS and their Associate Consultants will seek by all reasonable means to safeguard the health and safety of all personnel engaged, whether directly employed or not and to promote their individual physical and mental well-being through the application of the highest standards of occupational health and safety.

VPS will provide adequate resources and contingency planning to ensure the welfare of all their personnel. Where personnel are deployed on field assignments, VPS will make adequate provisions for emergency medical evacuation and treatment.

VPS will provide all personnel engaged, whether directly employed or not, with adequate Health and Safety training and guidance for the area and environment in which they will be working. Personnel assigned or proposed for field assignments will be provided with the latest edition of the appropriate IAGC Safety Manuals.

VPS operates a STRICT POLICY against drug and alcohol abuse and will co-operate with both CLIENT COMPANIES and CONTRACTORS in deterring and combating such abuse.

VPS, and all their Associate Consultants will co-operate with and participate in Safety Audits, Assessments or Exercises initiated by CLIENT COMPANIES and/or CONTRACTORS.

VPS seeks to foster environmental awareness in all personnel engaged, whether directly employed or not.

VPS and their Associate Consultants will seek to increase, by all means possible including by example, the environmental awareness of all parties engaged in projects with which they are involved.

VPS will comply with the procedures set out in the IAGC Environmental Guidelines, and will actively participate in developing and improving working practices to prevent as far as possible any impact on the environment.

Our consultants all hold valid OGUK/NMD medicals and OPITO BOSIET/HUET certificates for worldwide operations. Through regular re-training and certification, we ensure our consultants are always current with the latest requirements. We verify that all our consultants, who work offshore, have valid and up to date medical certification to OGUK or equivalent standard, and valid offshore survival and fire fighting certificates including HUET.