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Environmental Services

Vision Project Services provide a comprehensive range of environmental services.

Respect for the environment is a fundamental requiement of modern day survey programs. As part of VPS’ environmental services, we offer personnel trained to implement measures to protect mammals, sea birds and turtles during offshore operations such as seismic surveys and pile driving for offshore wind farms and tidal turbines.

We are able to offer the following environmental services:


  • MMO’s and PAM operators
  • PAM equipment
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Biodiversity & Ecology Reports
  • Environmental Legislation Expertise
  • Marine Mammal & Seabird Surveys
  • Marine Mammal Mitigation Compliance QC
  • Environmental Mitigation Compliance Monitoring & Reporting
  • Marine Mammal Bio-acoustic Monitoring through towed arrays
  • Marine Mammal Bio-acoustic Monitoring through stationary data loggers
  • Recommendation Services for Environmental Compliance
  • Sourcing of environmental consultancy experts for short and long term positions



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