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Interpretation Services

Utilizing a number of industry-recognized interpretation applications, Vision Project Services are able to provide a full interpretive solution.

Horizon, fault and well interpretation can be interpreted and managed: time to depth conversions, animations, contouring, gridding, horizon attribute calculations, volume calculations and mis-tie analysis are integrated into the interpretation flow.

VPS has its own licenses of IHS Kingdom Suite of products, provided on workstations designed for seamless interpretation for 2D/3D data for integration of geologic control and mapping at prospect level through to reservoir simulation.

We can supply 2/3D PAK, EARTHPAK and VuPAK with additions, as needed, for Geosteering, Rock Solid Images, AVOPAK.

Consultants are available for:

  • Prospect generation
  • New ventures
  • Basin scale to prospect/drill site scale
  • Management of specialized seismic processing for velocity and AVO analysis


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